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The Hostel Chat is back online as of June 19, 2009.

There are two ways to chat with other people in the hostel industry now. The chat room and See the How to Use Twitter page. Use the #hostelchat hashtag.

For a regular chat room, see below: Chat Room offers a chat room for people in the backpack travel industry to chat.

To join the chat room just go to, and start chatting. It gives you the option to subscribe by instant messenger or email:

Chatterous Send to Jabber or Gmail.png

If you have a Gmail address or a Jabber chat account you can use the chat room from Gmail or Pidgin on your desktop.

If you have a Gmail email address just get a chat program (like Pidgin) and follow this tutorial to get chat notifications on your desktop.

How to Create a Jabber Account

If you don't want to use Gmail, you can sign up for a free Jabber account instead:

First download a free chat program called Pidgin. There are no spyware or viruses in Pidgin. Pidgin works on Windows and Linux. If you are on Mac, try Adium instead.

These instructions work for Pidgin. If you are using Adium or another program and would like assistance, please contact me and I will walk you through the setup.

Pidgin works with Jabber (XMPP), Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, ICQ, MySpace IM, and more. That means that you can sign into all of your instant messenger services with the same program that you use for the chat room.

Installing Pidgin

If you are on Windows, just double-click on your Pidgin file to install the program.

Creating a Jabber Account

If you have a Gmail email address, you can skip this step and use your Gmail address as your Jabber account. Google has a tutorial about it here. Once you have your chat client setup, go to the section about joining the Hostel Management Chat Room

Once you have started Pidgin, create a new Jabber (XMPP) account. The keyboard shortcut is Ctrl-a - or go to the menu: Accounts > Add/Edit. You will see a screen like the one below:

Jabber Screenshot Add Account.png

Fill in the form with the following information:

  • Protocol: XMPP (that means Jabber)
  • Screen name: [put your desired username here] - your username will be this name
  • Domain:
  • Resource: Home (you can change that if you know what you are doing, but it's fine to leave the default)
  • Password: [choose your password]
  • Local alias: [choose a nickname]
  • Remember password: [if you want the program to remember your password then check this box]
  • Create this new account on the server: [check this box]

After you enter your information and click save, you should get a box asking you to confirm that you would like to create the account. It should look something like the image below:

Jabber Screenshot Register New XMPP Account.png

Click the Register button, and you should receive confirmation of your new chat account as shown in the image below:

Jabber Screenshot Registration Successful.png

The next thing to do is enable your account. Go back to your accounts screen (keyboard shortcut Ctrl-a) and check the box next to your new Jabber account, as shown below:

Jabber Screenshot Accounts.png

( Note: Some accounts blacked out in the image above for privacy reasons)

You should then get a message in a new window that welcomes you to Jabber, as shown below:

Jabber Screenshot