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This page will contain best practices for building hostel websites that can be viewed on mobile devices -- cell phones and PDAs.


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As more travelers carry mobile phones and those phones become more capable of connecting to the Web, it will benefit hostels to build websites that are functional when viewed in mobile devices.

Mobile Domain

It's common for sites to put their mobile versions on an m subdomain.

For example, the main site might be on:

  • or

And the mobile version would be on the m subdomain:


Mobile surfers are already familiar with automatically browsing to the m subdomain:

Using just a single letter "m" makes it easier for users to type in on small mobile phone keypads.


URLs should be short and easy to remember because it can be difficult to type on a mobile device.

XHTML Markup

Most mobile devices can display webpages that are coded in valid XHTML Strict. Webpages can be validated with a free tool like the W3C Markup Validator.

Mobile Web Design Resources