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Free Software

Hostel computers running Ubuntu Linux -- a free alternative to Microsoft Windows.

This list of free software can help you provide guests with useful programs at no cost to the hostel. Most of the programs will run on Linux. Ubuntu Linux makes a great alternative to Windows if you want to avoid many of the hassles of Windows (like viruses and spyware).

Free Office Software

  • - Free office software that is compatible with Microsoft Office. Includes word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, and database software.

Free Photo Editing Software

  • The GIMP (Windows, Mac, Linux) - Free photo editing software that lets guests edit and resize their digital photos so that they can email them to friends and family.
  • (Windows only) - Free photo editing software.

Free Chat Software

  • Pidgin (Windows, Linux) - Free instant messenger program that works with all the major instant messaging services, including Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber, MySpace IM, IRC, and many more.
  • Adium (Mac OS/X) - Free instant messenger program that works with the major instant messaging services.

Free Internet Phone Software

  • Skype - Free program to make Internet telephone calls.

PDF Software

  • PDF Creator - Create PDF files.
  • Foxit - PDF reader that uses less computer memory than Adobe Reader.


Email Clients

  • Thunderbird - Free email client that can replace Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.

Time Management

  • Sunbird & Lightning - A free Thunderbird plugin that adds a calendar and task software to Thunderbird. It integrates with Web calendars (iCalendar, etc.)
  • Remember the Milk - Free online to-do list software that integrates with Lightning calendar (above).

Web Browsers

  • Firefox - Free Web browser that is more secure than Internet Explorer.

Archiving Software

  • 7 Zip - Compress and uncompress archived files like .zip and .rar files.

Front Desk Software

Other Resources

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