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For information on how to edit pages, please see this page (this software is the same software that runs on It might also be helpful to print out this reference card that contains editing commands.

Creating a New Page

To create a new page, just add a link to it from another page by enclosing it in double square brackets like this: [[New Page]]. After you save the page you will be able to click on the link and edit the new page.

When creating a new page, please use proper title capitalization because your link will create the title of the new page. If you want to use different text for the link text and link title, use the following syntax: [[New Page|link text]].

Before creating a new page, please use the search function to see if a similar page already exists.

Collaborative Editing & Licensing

If you add a page to the Hostel Management Wiki, expect that others will come along and heavily edit the page. Once a page is added, it becomes a collaborative editing effort licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License (see footer for more about the license). If you would like to add content that does not get edited, please post in the Hostel Management Forum instead.

Adding Images

To add an image:

  1. Give the file a descriptive filename with each word separated by an underscore. Example: Photo_of_a_Hostel_in_France.jpg. Please don't use spaces in the filename.
  2. Then use the upload file link in the left sidebar. You will end up with an image page like this one.
  3. Then use one of the choices below to add a thumbnail of your image to a regular wiki page:
Yummy squid snack

This option will put the image in the middle of the text:

[[Image:Squid.jpg|thumb|none|Yummy squid snack]]

This option will put the image on the right side of the page:

[[Image:Squid.jpg|thumb|right|Yummy squid snack]]

Adding a Gallery

Adding a gallery of images can be done with the following format:

<gallery caption="My Photo Gallery">
Image:Squid.jpg|Yummy squid snack
Image:Hostel Dorm Room.jpg|Photo of dormitory

The output of the above code looks like this:

There is a longer tutorial for adding images to pages here.

Please post questions about using the Wiki software here.

Note for Programmers

To post code please use the <source> tag, with a lang="" attribute. For example, if you are posting PHP code, place your code between the following tags: <source lang="php"></source>. That will format and colorize the code as shown in the example below:

<source lang="php"> <?php

 // This is just a test
 x = "Hi";
 print x;

?> </source>

To add highlighting to HTML code, please choose XML as the language, like this:

<source lang="xml"></source>

More Information

Official Mediawiki Site