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About This Wiki was started in 2004 as a free industry resource for hostel managers and owners, and for people who want to open up new backpacker hostels.

This Wiki is a collaborative effort to create useful resources for people who run hostels or who would like to open up new hostels.

The opinions in the Wiki belong to their respective authors. Please read the disclaimer.

For more information about, please read the main About This Site page.

Collaborative Editing

This section is just a clarification about how a wiki functions. Anyone can edit content and it should be expected that other people are going to edit your content.

All content that is added to the Wiki becomes licensed under this Creative Commons license which is the same license that Wikipedia uses. That means the content of this Wiki is always going to be freely available, and that it can also be modified and republished elsewhere by anyone that adheres to the conditions of the license.

You should expect that others will come along and edit content that you have written. If there are any disputes about content editing (which I don't think there will be), please contact the Webmaster.