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Non-HI Chains

  • 10,000 beds?: A&O Hotels and Hostels. Berlin (3), Munich (2), Hamburg (2), Dresden, Düsseldürf, Leipzig, Vienna, Prague.
  • 3533 beds: Generator Hostels in London and Berlin, plus new ones opening in Copenhagen (650), Dublin (500), and Hamburg (700).
  • 2263 beds: Equity Point Hostels. Barcelona (3), London, New York, Madrid, Lisboa, Marrakech, Girona & Prague (April 2013)
  • 1834 beds: St. Christopher´s Inns (Beds & Bars Group). London (7), Edinburgh, Bath, Newquay, Brighton, Bruges, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Prague (Jointly with Bohemian Hostels)
  • 1585 beds: Meininger City Hostels. Berlin (4), Cologne, Munich, Vienna, London
  • Wombat´s City Hostels. Vienna (3), Munich, Berlin
  • 975 beds(?) PLUS Group: PLUS Florence (420 beds) and PLUS Prague (555 beds). Berlin location coming in 2010.
  • 816 beds: Euro Hostels. Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle
  • 770 beds: Globetrotter Inns. London, Edinburgh
  • 660 beds: Hatters Hostels - 4 properties in Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester (2), UK
  • 550 beds: Dizzy Daisy Summer Hostels in Poland. Prague, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Poznan, Zagreb
  • 500 beds: Aletto Hostels. Berlin (2)
  • 500 beds: Urbany Hostels - Barcelona and Sevilla, Spain
  • 491 beds: Astors. London (4)
  • 487 beds: Smart Hostels. London (6)
  • 473 beds: Journeys Hostels. London (4), Brighton (1)
  • 428 beds: Flying Pig Hostels. Amsterdam (2), Noordwijk
  • 430 beds: Nest Hostels. Nest Hostels, Valencia and Barcelona (3)
  • 420 beds: Euro Youth Hotels. Euro Youth Hotel. Munich, Bad Gastein
  • 420 beds: baxpax Hostels Hotels. Berlin (3)
  • 371 beds: Easy Palace. Munich (2)
  • 315 beds: X Hostel. Alicante, Bucharest, Budapest, Malaga, Tallinn, Varna (6)
  • 301 beds: Hostels Alessandro Hostels Alessandro. Rome(2)
  • 300 beds (?): Nathans Villa. Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclav, Zakopane, Sighisoara
  • 292 beds: Shelter. Amsterdam (2)
  • 225 beds: Hôme. Valencia (3)
  • 113 beds: Lettem Sleep. Berlin, Nuremberg
  • 105 beds: Oasis. Lisbon, Seville, Granada
  • 105 beds: Jetpak. Berlin (2)
  • 90 beds: Sun Hostels Belgrade (Serbia), Budva (Montenegro) (2)
  • Times Hostels, Dublin [2]
  • Viva Hostels. London, Edinburgh, Miami.
  • Oxford BP and Bath BP
  • MacBackpackers (8)
  • Gatliff Trust, Outher Hebrides (4 hostels)
  • Birmingham BP (2 hostels)
  • Brodies, Edinburgh (2 hostels)
  • Hoppo, Edinburgh (2 hostels)
  • Elenydd Trust, Wales (2 hostels)
  • Bohemian Hostels: Sir Toby's, Miss Sophie's, and Czech Inn, Mosaic House (jointly with Beds & Bars Group), Prague
  • Prague Central Hostels, 2 hostels - Old Prague Hostel, Prague Square Hostel
  • Be Hostels - 3 hostels in Barcelona and 1 in Zaragoza, Spain
  • Strawberry Hostels Strawberry Hostels in Vienna and Salzburg, Austria

Hostelling International Europe

This section is for listing Hostelling International networks in Europe.

  • Stayokay. Amsterdam (3) - This is HI Netherlands. They list 30 HI hostels and say, "Twenty-six of the thirty hostels are run by Stayokay itself and the remaining four are franchised.". (1186 beds?)
  • Xanascat is Hostelling International's Catalonian network. They own 20 hostels throughout the autonomous region of Catalonia, Spain and have 27 affiliated properties (source).
  • Danhostel Denmark. Danhostels are all HI Hostels in Denmark.
  • Danhostel Syd, Denmark. Danhostel Syd are all HI Hostels on Funen and in South Jutland, Denmark

Australia and New Zealand

  • Nomads - Backpackers Hostels in the gateway cities of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji (currently there are 15 Nomads owned or managed hostels (totaling about 3000 beds per night, and 20 affiliated hostels throughout Australia). Nomads also operates 8 bars, 15 retail travel stores, wholesale travel agency and developed the Nomads Mad backpackers discount card Nomads Hostels. Nomads Adds Billabong Backpackers Perth Western Australia
  • Base Backpackers - 5 Australia and 8 New Zealand hostels numbering over 3500 beds, 11 bars and 34 travel outlets. Base Backpackers previously merged with Beyond Backpackers. Investors include Ironbridge Capital, Ivany Investments, and Accor Asia Pacific.
  • BBH World Traveller Accommodation - The largest network of Backpacker Accommodation in New Zealand. The BBH annual guide currently lists 320 independent hostels providing <>12,000 beds throughout NZ. BBH pioneered a backpacker rating system (Backpacker Perception Percentage) in 1992. [1]

North America

  • Equity Point Hostels. New York, Barcelona(3), London, Madrid, Lisboa, Marrakech, Girona & Prague (April 2013)
  • Jazz Hostels, USA, Canada, Germany (7 hostels in New York City (4), Miami, Montreal, Germany)
  • Samesun Hostels (5 hostels in Canada)
  • USA Hostels (3 hostels in Hollywood, San Diego, San Francisco)
  • Loftstel, USA (3 hostels in New York City, Washington D.C.)
  • Green Tortoise Hostels, USA (2 hostels in Seattle and San Francisco)
  • Floyd's Hostel and Ft. Lauderdale Beach Hostel, USA (2 hostels in Fort Lauderdale)

South and Central America



  • Equity Point Hostels. Marrakech, Barcelona (3), Madrid, Girona, London, Lisboa, New York & Prague (April 2013)
  • Carnival Court. 2 hostels in Long Street, Cape Town, South Africa. 138 beds in total.