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Hostel Management Wiki
Community-written best practices guides for hostels.
78 Hostel Management Guides and growing is an online community and resource for the hostel industry started in 2004


Welcome to the Wiki! This Wiki is a community-written set of information and resources that are helpful for running hostels and starting new hostels. Feel free to jump in and start creating and editing pages. This Hostel Management Wiki is currently in a "beta" stage.

To edit pages just visit a page and click the "edit" tab. If you register and login before editing and adding pages there are more features. Either way, every version of every page is saved and can be viewed/reverted later if you make a mistake.

Start a Hostel

Our Start a Hostel Guide has useful tips on how to start a new hostel. Research places to open a hostel in the Where to Open a Hostel guide. Learn more about What Hostels Are and How They Benefit Local Economies.

Make your hostel environmentally friendly with our Eco-Hostels guide.

Hostel Marketing Guides

Monitor the progress of the hostel industry:

Improve Hostel Reviews

Getting good hostel reviews mean more bookings. Here are some pages to help you monitor and improve your hostel's online reviews:

Hostel Tech Support

  • How to Reduce Spam - how to make the daily task of sorting through spam more bearable
  • Computer Security - how to control virus and malware attacks on hostel computers at the front desk, Internet cafe, and backoffice

Photos of Hostels


To create a new page, login and click "edit" and then follow the formatting rules. To edit a page, just login and then visit the page and click "edit". Full instructions on how to edit/add pages can be found on the help pages.


Stubs are placeholders for pages that haven't been created yet. A list of stubs by category can be found here. Please feel free to jump in and edit pages.