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An icon commonly used to indicate that a Web page contains a newsfeed

An XML newsfeed is a format for syndicating Web site content. The most common formats for XML newsfeeds are RSS and ATOM. A description of newsfeeds (or Web feeds) can be found on Wikipedia.


A feedreader is software that lets you read newsfeeds. A list of feed-reading software can be found here.

A shorter list of recommended readers:

Using XML Newsfeeds

If you have never used an RSS or ATOM feed, get one of the feedreader programs above and copy the following URLs into it:

  • http://feeds.hostelmanagement.com/hostelmanagementforums
  • http://feeds.hostelmanagement.com/hostelnews

Your feedreader will then be subscribed to HostelManagement.com's main XML newsfeeds and you will be notified every time new content is added to this site.